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Web Drag and Drop

Web Drag and Drop

As of 2013 drag and drop in the browser is pretty much darn neat almost usable in the browser. While it's not true every browser supports the W3C specification in HTML5 there are better ways to do this now that there have been in the past; gone is the need to use large libraries just to do simple things and there are a few ways to do this.


older stuff that used libraries

Opera has a very handy drag and drop demo/diagnostic.

This uses javascript to make an HTML5 aside segment draggable.

Slick and works well. As of 1/1/2013 though the box shadow leaves remnants in Opera. Although the source references the jquery library that's for the slideshow thing, it doesn't use it for drag and drop.

There is a draggable property in HTML5. That's the good news. The bad news is it's the worst performing, in my opinion, way to do this.

webkit (used by Safari and Chrome) added a draggable property and it seems to be supported - with the webkit prefix - by Opera, Chrome and Firefox.