Shaded CSS buttons

to be done next
to be done next
This is the only button I've converted to CSS3 so far. A bitmapped graphics version is at the right and further over is the CSS version and the component layers. In this example it's set up not to move when you scroll the page Horizontal axis is the color, diagonal axis is the bezel, vertical axis are the antialiasing rings. Note that they don't have to float, that's just the way they're set up here. I used them as save (submit) buttons and indicator lights.
to be done next
to be done next
Other versions left to do:

smblubut-yellow24h.png smblubut-white24h-sav.png gradbg00.gif smblubut24h-sav.png smblubut-blu24h.png smblubut-red24h.png smblubut-grn24h.png smblubut24h.png smblubut-white24h.png smblubut-red24h-orig.png newgrad.png gradbg.gif smblubut-pink24h.png newgrybut.png new-greybutslice-gold-opn.png new-greybutslice-gold-rst.png new-greybutslice-gold-sas.png new-greybutslice-gold-view.png new-greybutslice-gold-new.png new-greybutslice-gold-sas-wet.png new-klingon-grybut.png new-klingon-new.png new-klingon-opn.png new-klingon-rst.png new-klingon-sas.png new-shiny-open.png new-shiny-rst.png new-shiny-sas.png new-shiny-view.png